Fast – Shortens overall treatment time by up to four months as it treats Class II correction at the beginning of the orthodontic treatment when there are no competing forces in the mouth caused by brackets or other appliances.

Gentle – The low force of the Motion 3D Class II Appliance is gentle on our patients, and its low-profile design is very comfortable to wear. By treating the Class II platform first, it simplifies the entire treatment for you, and provides greater comfort.

Natural – Mimicking a human hip ball-socket joint, the Motion 3D Class II Appliance allows the first molar to rotate and upright in its natural and correct finishing position, producing a continuous, natural, and uniform force for distal molar movement with controlled rotation and tipping correction. Built-in stops engineered in the appliance prevent the molars from over-rotating and the crowns from distal tipping. The Motion 3DClass II Appliance’s low forces are biologically compatible during treatment.