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Arango Orthodontics is dedicated to providing you and your family with professional and personal orthodontic care. We strive to provide a setting where patients and their families can develop a bond with our team, knowing that their needs are of supreme importance to us. We treat every patient with dignity, respect, and appreciation.

Orthodontic treatment is not just about giving our patients a beautiful smile that will be envied by everyone around them, but equally important it gives them the ability to thoroughly care for their teeth and keep them healthy forever.

Arango Orthodontics proudly provides Invisalign® clear aligners for teens and adults among many other forms of orthodontic treatment.

What Makes Us So Unique

The Advantages Of Arango Orthodontics

  • Arango Orthodontics is the #1 provider of the Damon System braces in Southern Colorado.
  • Dr. Arango graduated from the University of Iowa, which is recognized as one of the Premiere Orthodontic Residencies in the world.
  • Our staff members have been with Dr. Arango for 10-20 years and work together like a precision watch.
  • We have staff members who speak German and Spanish.
  • Dr. Arango teaches as an Adjunct Clinical Professor at the Department of Orthodontics at the University of Colorado Orthodontic Residency program.
  • Most importantly, Dr. Arango and his team will treat you as if you are part of their family, and that simple concept will make your treatment an extraordinary experience. We will do our best because we want each patient to have the best possible smile and feel comfortable in recommending us to their friends.

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What People Are Saying

About Arango Orthodontics

“10+ years as a patient. Gifted hands!”

- Simon P.

“I Highly recommend Dr Gen. He has been my first choice for my patients who need orthodontic correction, especially those cases which are very didficult or complicated.”

- Elizabeth L.

“Dr Gen and his workers were extremely helpful and remarkably quick. A big thanks to their entire team for their help along the way”

- Eli C.

“Dr Gen is the best! He takes his time to be sure your teeth will look beautiful. He is a perfectionist in his field. His staff is so friendly and is office is very clean. Both my son and I had our teeth corrected by Dr. Gen and it was worth every penny.”

- Kiesha F.

“Dr. Gen and his staff are wonderful! Both my son and I went to him for braces and could not be happier with the outcome. It was always a pleasure going in for appointments and they were very supportive throughout the process. Definitely recommend.”

- Jackie B.

“Arango is the best ! Very friendly and make you feel so welcomed. Would highly recommend.”

- Naomi L.

“Arango Orthodontics was great! I’m so happy with my results. I have a beautiful smile and the staff there are amazing!”

- Danielle A.

“Very amazing experience!! Definitely would recommend ANYONE who needs treatment to come here!! I thank everyone here who helped me.”

- RaShelle L.

“This is the best orthodontic place in the springs. The whole staff is amazing and I highly recommend them!”

- Mark D.

“I’ve never been an any other office that runs so smoothly . Great Doctor great people.”

- Morgan W.

“I did like the procedure. I’d like to thank Dr. Arango and all of his staff; they helped a lot!”

- Michael M.

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